Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A previous build - the Rx1

The picture to the left is of a sailing skiff I built a few years back (Rx1). Unfortunately I didn't really do enough development work on it and so didn't do it justice.

I had planned to add small buoyancy pods to make sailing upright in light winds easier but after some rudder problems I moved onto another project. I really must try to stick with one thing!!

The hull was made from closed cell foam (XPS) reinforced with ply and fibre glass. The outrigger frame was very light, made from 1.6mm aloy tubing.

I put my latest skiff build on the weighing scales the other day and it came in at 18Kg. By the time I have finished I expect the hull weight to come in at around 20Kg. A Laser Pico weighs 60Kg so it is quite a light hull.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kayak Sailing Today

I was planning to work on my sailing skiff today but after checking the conditions last night, weather and tide was perfect for a bit of kayak sailing. I got my gear out of the garage and headed for Exmouth.

I normally like to sail off the sea front and zap along the coast but as the tides were right I went to what is locally known as the duck pond and set off up the estuary towards Starcross and Lympstone.

I had a fantastic time and was sailing at quite a speed, burying the amas frequently.

I find that every time I go out on my sailing kayak I always think of modifications I can do to improve the current design, making modifications is almost as much fun as the actual sailing for me.

Anyway, it was a fantastic morning. For anyone wanting a cheap way of getting out sailing on the open water I would definately recommend kayak sailing. If you want a bit more info on this type of rig, see me kayak sailing web site.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Concept of my Rx2 Sailing Skiff

Concept of the Rx2:

I am hoping to build a boat that is:
  • Light Weight
  • Cheap and easy to build
  • Fast off the wind!
  • Simple to sail fast (minimal sail controls)
Everything in boat design is a compromise and I am under no illusion to achieve the above I need to make some serious compromises. I believe the weakest points of this design will be as follows:
  • Unimpressive upwind performance -  Reason: A 10 foot boat with a rudimentary hull profile
  • Poor handling in bumpy water - Reason: Simple hull shape for an easy build
Here is a first photograph of the prototype I am knocking up, I am using styrofoam and 3.2mm ply to make a light but stiff base hull. I haven't put it on the scales but it is very light! All the rocker is up front with a flat rocker aft to promote early planing.

I still need to add the raised gunwales so this doesn't give a clear picture of the final shape.

Check out my kayak sailing adventures here!

Hatching of a Plan - My Rx2 Sailing Skiff

For a while now I have been toying with an idea to build a lightweigt easy to live with, low cost sailing skiff that anyone with a bit of DIY knowledge could build.

I have started building the prototype and will use this blog to give progress reports. In the mean time check out my web site for info on my kayak sailing interests

Here is a planing catamaran I built a few years back, it was fast off the wind but was a little too fiddly to assemble and heavier than I had anticipated. That being said it was great fun to sail and I would still like to develop the idea of such a cat in the future.