Monday, 22 August 2011

Concept of my Rx2 Sailing Skiff

Concept of the Rx2:

I am hoping to build a boat that is:
  • Light Weight
  • Cheap and easy to build
  • Fast off the wind!
  • Simple to sail fast (minimal sail controls)
Everything in boat design is a compromise and I am under no illusion to achieve the above I need to make some serious compromises. I believe the weakest points of this design will be as follows:
  • Unimpressive upwind performance -  Reason: A 10 foot boat with a rudimentary hull profile
  • Poor handling in bumpy water - Reason: Simple hull shape for an easy build
Here is a first photograph of the prototype I am knocking up, I am using styrofoam and 3.2mm ply to make a light but stiff base hull. I haven't put it on the scales but it is very light! All the rocker is up front with a flat rocker aft to promote early planing.

I still need to add the raised gunwales so this doesn't give a clear picture of the final shape.

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  1. Hello,
    Your explanations and images ditch my help.
    I want to make a e-book about how to build a boat with vele.Barca we built in 1977, but we did not have a camera handy, so I am inspired by your pictures. I hope you do not mind. Thanks