Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kayak Sailing Today

I was planning to work on my sailing skiff today but after checking the conditions last night, weather and tide was perfect for a bit of kayak sailing. I got my gear out of the garage and headed for Exmouth.

I normally like to sail off the sea front and zap along the coast but as the tides were right I went to what is locally known as the duck pond and set off up the estuary towards Starcross and Lympstone.

I had a fantastic time and was sailing at quite a speed, burying the amas frequently.

I find that every time I go out on my sailing kayak I always think of modifications I can do to improve the current design, making modifications is almost as much fun as the actual sailing for me.

Anyway, it was a fantastic morning. For anyone wanting a cheap way of getting out sailing on the open water I would definately recommend kayak sailing. If you want a bit more info on this type of rig, see me kayak sailing web site.

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