Sunday, 29 April 2012

Inflatable Sailing Boat!

Being a minimalist sailor, a couple of years ago I decided to build a sailing dinghy I could pack into my car boot. I got the inspiration of the basic rigging concepts from a great site called Here are a couple of low quality phone pics of my attempt at putting together a boat that would fit in the boot of my small car!

The shape of this particular inflatble kayak makes for an excellent sail boat. This was my first attempt at using a steering oar and I have to say it was fun to use instead of a rudder. One of the advantages of a steering oar is that you can very easily tack by simply lifting the oar out of the water to help spin the boat around on the lee board axis.

Look closely at the mast step: A round mast going into a square section mast step!!! I went out one day off Exmouth in rather windy conditions and when beating into wind I experienced a mast failure, surprise surprise it was at the mast step. Lesson learnt :)

That being said I had some fun with this boat - thanks Jim Lucket at for the inspiration.


  1. The form of this specific inflatable boat makes for a great sail vessel. This was the first attempt for using a guiding oar and you would also it is fun to make use of instead of a rudder. One of the advantages of the steering oar is that you may very easily add by simply raising the oar out of the drinking water to help rewrite the boat about on the shelter board axis.

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  3. Beautiful job with the hardware! I especially like the leeboard.What are its dimensions? Would it be possible to post more detailed pictures to show how you fastened it to the structure? Thanks!