Monday, 28 May 2012

Another test sail of the Rx3

Having completed filling in the transom cut out on my Rx3 lay down sailing dinghy I took her out for another test sail today in slightly windier conditions. I was probably out for about 45 minutes and I found it very comfortable, which I am very pleased about.

As the wind picked up the bow started to bury a little, however sailing was great fun, although admittedly conditions were pretty gentle.

Rather than spending any more time modifying this version I am contemplating starting a second boat incorporating the lessons from this first build.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Progress on my Rx3 Lay Down Sailing Boat

I have started work on filling in the transom cutout on my lay down sailing boat. I am hoping to get her ready for another test sail in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time I am trying to find an old dinghy spinnaker that I can cut down to about 20 square feet. I have a bid on Ebay at the moment, it is a symetrical spin but I should be able to make a small assymetric out of it. I figure the mainsail of 35 square feet will be just right for going into wind but adding an additional tiny spinnaker might make it possible to get up on the plane off the wind.

N.B I have decided I should be calling the Rx3 a "lay down" sailing boat as opposed to "lie down" sailing boat! :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A second test sail on my lay down sailing boat!

I went out for a second test sail on my lay down sail boat this morning after making a couple of modifications.

I have made so many changes to this platform that it is looking rather a mess, however it is serving it's purpose well in allowing me to experiment with the concept of a lay down sailing boat before I possibly go ahead and build a second version.
Anyway, since the first test sail I have added a little side buoyancy and also centralised the rudder, it is now foot controlled as opposed to hand controlled.

I am very pleased with the foot control option as it keeps my hands completely free. After some advice from someone on the Boat Design Forums I have decided to fill in the transom cut out. The idea was that I could use flippers as an alternative propulsion method, however now that the rudder is centralised it is in the way so there is little benefit in having this cut out.

So, before a third sail I shall fill in the cut out and re design the rudder mounting to make it more robust. This is certainly a fun project and even though I have not been out in anything like a reasonable breeze, I think it is going to be great fun when I get it all together.

I have decided to name this boat the Rx3!