Saturday, 14 July 2012

Launch day for my Version Two Lay Down Sailing Boat!

A very exciting day for me as it was time to launch the second version of my RX3 lay down sailing dinghy. For this version I have added an asysmetric spinnaker for some off the wind fun. I initially lanched without the spinnaker setup to do a quick shake down sail. All went well and I returned to the beach to install the spinnaker.

Relaunching, I worked my way up into the wind in preparation for launching the spinnaker. Although very rudimentary controls for the spinnaker system, it went up fairly easily and I soon had both sails set well.

The helm was surprisingly balanced when flying the spinnaker and I was pleased I could easily sail at 90 degrees to the wind. I have always wanted a boat with a bow sprit and spinnaker and now I have one!

Just as I was thinking about calling it a day the leeboard bracket snapped. This was a very old bracket so I need to make a stronger one anyway so no bad thing. I was very pleased with this first sail and can't wait to get her up to my local sailing club once I have made a few tweaks over the next week or so.