Sunday, 15 February 2015

First Kayak sail of 2015

I tried out an asymmetric spinnaker setup today. Launching from Teignmouth:
The weather was lovely, and it was probably a good thing there was not too much wind. I soon worked out the best system of launching and dowsing the spinnaker. There was some predictable lee helm but nothing that prevented easy sailing.
I am of two minds whether to keep with this configuration or revert to my tried and tested ketch setup using a slightly smaller mizzen sail. Being able to deploy a spinnaker was fun but I can see things easily getting out of hand in gusty conditions.

I found I could successfully goose wing down wind, although more fun is to be had broad reaching. Using a reference point from land I found I could happily do a beam reach.
Taking all things into consideration I will probably revert to the ketch rig, it gives me a similar sail area but with the advantage of being able to use both sails on all points of sail, easier rigging and more importantly less running rigging to manage on a small kayak.
Next outing I'll try out a more powerful main and use my trusty yellow sail as the mizzen.

Happy Kayak Sailing!