Sunday, 15 March 2015

8 inch wide 20 foot long Trimaran

Since last autumn I have been working on the concept of a trimaran with a very high beam / length ratio. Like all my projects it is a bit of an experiment that doesn't follow usual design parameters.  I came up with a maximum beam of 8 inches on a 20 foot trimaran, giving a length beam ratio of 30/1. Due to the size of my garage I am having to build it in two sections.

Here  is a picture of the basic concept I came up with. I put a temporary polytarp sail and akas on just to test the buoyancy. I am hoping to get on the water for some proper testing in the next 6 weeks or so. Of course if the weekends are good for sailing it might take longer to get ready as I'll be out on the water with my kayak.

Happy Kayak Sailing!

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