Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Improvements on my Trimaran Kayak setup

Recently I have built a slightly larger rudder for my Scupper Pro for kayak sailing. The rudder is slightly balanced by having some of the area forward of the rudder pintle. This reduces significantly the pressure required on the foot peddles.

I have also recently added a new mainsail. I went out for a sail this weekend to test both the rudder and new sail and was very pleased with the results

I am having alot of fun with my trimaran setup for the Scupper Pro at the moment and have decided to carry out the following improvements over the coming winter:

  • Work out furler reefing system for main and mizzen
  • Build new improved amas with a little more buoyancy and longer akas
  • Rebuild my mizzen mast step as the original is showing signs of wear after 6 years
  • Renew the mizzen sail, 
Happy kayak sailing!

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