2009 - South Devon Kayaking Trip

11th June - 14th - June 2009 - South Devon trip

Teignmouth beach about to set of on our first paddle together.

My mate John Holden has done some serious kayaking in the past including the ACR (Arctic Canoe Race) and Devizes - Westminster - but that was a while ago - this was his first paddle in about 20 years!

I was very impressed having not been in a kayak for many years Johnny managed to do a successful role on his first attempt!

Ready to set off on our adventure. from Newton Ferrers near Plymouth. Poor Johnny - he was about to find out how useful a sail can be on a kayak! :)

 Our first stop off about 10 km from Newton Ferrers

Halfway point for day one - Burgh Island. The last 10 km we rafted up much of the way and sailed

The second half of day one was completely different - up to two metre swells and a very commiting paddle getting out from Burgh Island through the waves and from Bolt Tail to Bolt head where we finally reached Salcombe. A total of about 40km. we dried out our stuff and camped on a bit of grass at North Sands

The next two days we tried to get out to sea to continue our journey but one day it was too rough around Start Point, and the other the fog closed in. Here is a picture of us about to set off, and then of John just after we decided to turn back to Salcombe due to fog

We spent the next day paddling to a beautiful estuary called the Erme. Here are a couple of pictures taken in and around this beautiful estuary


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